Introducing the Rice noodle rolls
Rice noodle roll is traditional food of GUANGZHOU, and “YINJI” Chang Fen Restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants of that. It is a characteristic of fresh food, and delicious taste. You must try taste it yourself in order to understand how amazing it is.  Let us introduce you more about YINJI Chang Fen and our special rice noodle rolls.

♨Shrimp rice noodle roll

Shrimp rice noodle roll is the king of the rice noodle rice. It has the highest selling price and most difficult to make. After our rice noodle roll's masters and technicians researchs and experiences for a long period of time, it obtained the "Famous Brand Food Award" at Guangzhou International Food Festival in year 2000. It was recognized as "Chinese Famous Snacks" and "Guangdong Famous Snacks”.

Marinated beef rice noodle roll

Marinated beef rice noodle roll-  is one of the best selling items.  We use the best quality beef and our secret recipe to marinate it.  At the end, we serve it with our special made soya sauce to bring the best taste of it.

♨Tea Tree Mushrooms rice noodle roll

Tea Tree Mushrooms rice noodle roll-  for vegetarian,  other than our plain rice noodle roll and veggie rice noodle roll, you can definitely try our special tea tree mushroom rice noodle roll.  Tea Tree Mushrooms has a very unique flavour and texture.

Egg rice noodle roll

Egg rice noodle roll-  it’s just like a picture, because of its color. The tasty smell from the egg with make you addicted to it.

♨Dough stick rice noodle roll

Dough stick rice noodle roll a combination of crisp and smoothness.  The freshness deep fried crispy dough stick rolled within the silky smooth rice noodle roll is suitable for anyone.

Choosing Food Material

YINJI Chang Fen Restaurant only appoints qualified suppliers for all the food and ingredients.  We ensures that we only provide the best quality of foods.


Guangzhou famous TV show covers the YINJI Chang Fen Restaurant, because of our delicious rice noodle rolls.  One of the most famous TV host and gastronome, Cai Lan visited our restaurants twice and handwriting “YI CHANG WEI WANG”(King of making Rice noodle rolls) as the gift to YINJI Chang Fen Restaurant in 2000.


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