YINJI Restaurant all branches address and telephone number

  Guangzhou Yin Yan Asset Management Co., Ltd. is the competent company of YINJI Chang Fen Restaurant in Guangzhou. The overall responsibility of it is to focus at the management and development of all the chain stores. The development of YINJI Chang Fen Restaurant is our most important thing to focus on at the moment.  Our goal is to develop YINJI Chang Fen Restaurant into a "small but specialized, small but excellent, small but special" chain enterprises, and promote Guangzhou cuisine.

  Guangzhou Yin Yan Asset Management Co., Ltd., is the only management company of YINJI Chang Fen Restaurant.

Address: 2nd floor, No. 64 Jin Tao Ge, Ludi Street, Guang fu bei Road, Guangzhou,CHINA



分店名称 Address TEL
Wenchang Branch 345 Wenchang North Road, Liwan District 81833764
Jiangnan Branch No. 19 Jiangnan West Road, Haizhu District 84494621
Shangjiu Branch 79 Shangjiu Road, Liwan District 81713013
Huifu Branch 519 Huifu East Road, Yuexiu District 83177149
Guangfu Branch 236 Guangfuzhong Road, Liwan District 81879832
Bailing Branch 86 Bailing Road, Yuexiu District 83510648
Wenming Branch No. 199 Civilization Road, Yuexiu District 83352950
Tianhe Branch No.36 No.2, No.2, Second Road, Tianhe District 87567376
Zhongshansan Branch No. 3 Dongchang Street, Zhongshan No. 3 Road, Yuexiu District 83883932
Zhongshanyi Branch No. 51 Zhongshan Road, Yuexiu District 37580876
The 2nd Workers' Cultural Branch No. 84, 101, Jiangnan Avenue, Pearl District 84490839
Zhongshanba Branch Shop 104, No. 25, Zhongshan Eighth Road, Liwan District 81292816
Guangli Road Branch 69 Guangli Road, Tianhe District 85588681、85588682
Wuyang Branch No. 85 Xin Road, Right Temple, Yuexiu District 87368602、87368605
Yunjing Branch No. 28, 1st Floor 7, Xiangyun Street, Beiyunjing Road, Guangzhou Avenue, Tianhe District 87745813
Baoye Branch No. 10 Baoye Road 101, Haizhu District 87745813、84390971
Yuancun Branch No. 10 Xinjie, Yuancun, Tianhe 37034203
Chigang Branch 16 Hengxin Luxin Hejie, Haizhu District 89031003
Chepi Branch No. 6 Zhongshan Avenue, Tianhe District 29880597
Tonghe Branch No. 15 Beitong and Dajie, Guangzhou Avenue, Tianhe District 37371332
Gangding Branch 31 Shipai East Road, Tianhe District
Shiqiao Branch 126-128 Qiaoqiaoxing Avenue, Panyu City
Jianliu Branch No. 39 Liumao Road Construction in Yuexiu District 83883203
Xinshi Branch 1153 Airport Road, Baiyun District
Jiaochangxi Branch 221 East China West Road, Yuexiu District 83801680
Dongchuan Branch No. 9, No. 3 Zhongshan Road, Yuexiu District 83832030
Huali Branch 27 Huali Road, Tianhe District 38559290
Hengsha Branch 220 Hengsha Street, Jinshazhou Road, Baiyun District 28974612
Huangcun Branch No. 40 Huangcun West Road, Tianhe District 29881781
Wanjin Branch Plaza of Datong Warden Branch in Wanjin, Toronto, Canada 905-307-2688
Tianhe Passenger Station Branch No. 3 and No. 4 on the first floor of Zhongyuan Square on the west side of Xiayuanggang Tianhe Passenger Station in Tianhe District 89286502
Qifu Branch No. 46, First Floor, Sixth Street of World Famous Families, Panyu District
Meihuayuan Branch 1112 North Guangzhou Avenue, Tianhe District
Tiyudong Branch Second Floor, No. 1 East Sports Road, Tianhe District 85266569
Jinsui Branch 36 Jinsui Road, Tianhe District
Shaheding Branch No. 192 and 194 Xianlie East Road, Tianhe District 87294884
Singapore Branch 133 Xiamen Street, Far East Square, Singapore #01-01  
Machang Branch Shop 122, Building A, Fuli Yingsheng Square, 16 Machang Road, Tianhe District 89284496
Xiaobei Branch Shop 105A, No. 212 Xiaobei Road, Yuexiu District 83234807
Binjiangdong Branch Shop 102, No. 90 Binjiang East Road, Haizhu District
Tianhebei Branch No. 5 shop on the first floor of 390-392 Tianhe Road, Tianhe District
Baifu Branch Lay A2 of Block A on the Negative Floor of Main Building 112 Sports East Road, Tianhe District
Sanyuanli Branch Shop 101A, 1st floor, 215 and 217 Sanyuanli Avenue, Yuexiu District
Mawu Branch No.3 First Floor of Mawu Street, Huangshi West Road, Baiyun District 86215037
Toronto Second Branch Room 13, 4981 Highway 7, Wanjin, Ontario, Canada
Huashi University Branch Room 102, 141 Wushan Road, Tianhe District
Ouzhuang Branch Unit A of Jiafu International Hotel, 418 East Road, Huanshi District, Yuexiu District
Mississauga Branch Room B5, 4040 Xinjing Road, Mississauga, Toronto, Canada
Nansha Branch Room 121 and 122, 25 Huanshi Avenue, Nansha District
Zhucun Branch No. 14 East Bridge Avenue, Zhujijijie Village, Tianhe District
Xicun Branch No. 1, No. 8-11, Xiwan East Road, Liwan District
San Francisco Branch The 104 unit of Oriental Pearl Plaza, California
Jiazhou Plaza Branch Pavilions 1-113 and 1-114-1, Jiazhou Plaza, 87 Huangqi Guangfo Road, Dali Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City
Whampoa Avenue West Branch No. 13 Xinle Court Property, No. 12, No. 13, No. 4, West 413 Huangpu Avenue, Tianhe District
Los Angeles Branch Shop 118A, 227 West Valley Avenue, San Gabriel, Los Angeles, California, USA  


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